From the first minute I was introduced to jewelry making, my love of creating large metal sculptures transformed in scale. Making fold formed jewelry from sterling silver and copper sheet still allowed me the noisy fun of hammering, pounding, firing and soldering metal, as well as the challenge of designing in a compact, pared down environment. And you really can’t beat being able to wear your art!

In my recent work, I also incorporate bronze, white copper, sterling silver and fine silver metal clay. Metal clay is transformed into solid metal after being fired in a kiln, but because it starts out as a clay, it is unbelievably versatile...the design possibilities are almost endless. Keep an eye out for the “looking glass pendants” (pun intended!) They work like a updated monocle...they are worn on a long chain so that, while wearing them, you can look through the bottom and see an expanded view of the world.

I have been making art for a living most of my adult life. I began my career making murals, paintings, wall paper designs and furniture/sculptures for commercial clients commissioned through architect/interior design firms. I continued selling fine art paintings and sculptures through galleries up to the present. I design and build residential spaces and the specific art and built-in furniture within them. All of the 2-D and 3-D creative experiences I have had, inform and hopefully add richness to my new love- jewelry making.