I'm thrilled that I've been invited to CraftBoston Spring and CraftBoston Holiday this year.  Although CraftBoston Spring was cancelled due to COVID-19, CraftBoston Holiday is still on schedule.  I am making BUG OUT WARE like crazy to get ready for this prestigious 3-day show!

From the sponsors of CraftBoston:

In a world of sameness, craft illuminates difference

Incorporated in 1897, the Society of Arts + Crafts has been at the forefront of the American craft movement for over 120 years. Our founders developed standards of excellence in design and technical mastery for crafts that inspired the American Arts and Crafts Movement.

The dual mission of the Society of Arts and Crafts is to encourage the creation, collection, and promotion of the work of contemporary craft artists; and advance the public appreciation of fine craft. To fulfill our mission, SA+C sponsors the Artist Awards Programs, mentorship programs, and shows that display and sell the work of exemplary craft on an ongoing basis.